Additonal Subjects

Our under graduate curriculum is enriched by the addition of 9 additional subjects taught over a period of 4 years. These include behavioural science, fundamentals of dentistry,  Dental Armamentarium, Forensic Odontology,  Dental Imagiology, Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice, Practice Management, Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry. 


Fundamentals of Dentistry 

The students are exposed to the basics of all the major branches of dentistry giving them a bird's eye view of the field to a first year student in their beginning days. The students are also exposed to the different treatment modalities in each speciality. Gone are the days where an undergraduate dental student waits till third year to step into the clinics. Our students have clinical exposure from their first year days. It does not stop there, they are also trained to handle the dental chair, classify the clinical conditions based on the discipline. This gives a first year student a better understanding of the applied aspects of the basic sciences.


Behavioural Science 

This subject focuses on the varied nature of the human behaviour in order to condition the students to handle patients from various psychological backgrounds. Not every patient is the same, but nothing deters our students as they are well prepared to handle any kind of patient, be it developing the patient confidence, trust , establishing a rapport or instilling awareness. Our students do it effortlessly. It also gives them an upper hand,  especially in counselling patients with addictive deleterious habits. 


Dental Armamentarium 

The subject deals with the equipments and instruments used in the various branches of dentistry.  Not just familiarising they are also trained to know the usage of these instruments in dental practice, their applications, modifications and limitations. The students are trained in various suturing techniques, inter maxillary ixations on dummy models in the second year of the course. It also  motivates them to take up transdisciplinary projects to innovate existing instruments. 


Forensic Odontology 

Forensic odontology module involves the application of dental science in identification of deceases and in crimes. The students are trained in bite mark analysis, age estimation, DNA Profiling, Identification of mass disaster, facial reconstruction. It opens up new avenues in job perspectives for the interested students who wish to pursue their career as a forensic odontologist. 


Dental Imagiology

Dental Imagiology involves a comprehensive training of the students in dentofacial imaging and interpretations. Along with the conventional radiographs they are also trained in intra oral radiography, extra oral radiography and Cone Beam Computed tomography (CBCT). They are meticulously trained in landmark identification and identification of pathology.  They are also trained in doing CBCT for dental implants placement. 


Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice 

The module on Medical Emergencies prepares a student to handle any medical emergency that comes on their way in their day to day practice.  The students are trained intensely in Basic Life Support (BLS),  hands on training on mannequins,  airway management, use of emergency drugs, Intramuscular and intravenous administration of drugs and to manage other emergency situations. This makes them adept and infuses them with confidence before beginning clinical procedures.


Practice Management 

 It is designed to speed up the training of undergraduates to all dental procedures. The students are trained to handle all standard operating procedures in relation to treatment planning of each speciality. They are also trained to handle special clinical cases with appropriate treatment plan and documentation of interdisciplinary case.



Our students are trained even at an undergraduate level in Oral Implantology. It does not stop with theory but also involves training them in case selection, investigations, treatment planning placement of implants and final prosthetic rehabilitation. An undergraduate in Saveetha places 6 implants during their undergraduate course. 


Aesthetic Dentistry

At the end of the day, dentists are also creators of a beautiful smile. Our students are skilfully trained in the most demanded and upcoming field of aesthetic dentistry. They are given specialised training in aesthetic aspects of various dental specialities . They are specially trained in Smile correction,  Veneers placement, Aesthetic restorations and minor plastic surgeries.