Although every institution aims to have the best and the most passionate faculty, in practice this is very hard to accomplish. Instead of blaming the generation gap, we organize weekly 'EDIFY' sessions wherein faculty cherish and display their passion for teaching. Edify i means, "To inspire the art of teaching". This has created a positive vibe in young and upcoming faculty members. Even if someone has chosen the job out of necessity, over a period of time we work to make them fall in love with the fine pleasures of being a good teacher. Sometimes our young teachers display so much passion that surprise and motivate even our most experienced faculty. This has reduced peer politics and improved greater understanding of team work where departments have begun to reorganize work load based on the talent of the faculty rather than the position and hierarchy in the department. For example, some departments did not hare the work based onf aculty talent and the overall department performance fell short in Edify. Now they have recorganized them selves to give mor efreedom to younger more enthusiastic faculty so that they succeed as a team!