The weekly EDIFY meeting is designed towards an appraisal of the activities in each department and their future plans. For the EDIFY meet in August 2016, the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics pulled up a surprise by showing the achievements from the inception of the department (in 1996) till date.

    This process was done as a part of a pilot project to quantify the work that has been done in the department in terms of clinical work, research and collaborations. The data was collected based on the NAAC reports of postgraduate institutions in the state as well as a search of publication databases.

    While a lot of work is done, documentation of data is paramount importance, which was the objective of the department when planning for the EDIFY meet. The event started with an introductory talk by Prof. Sindhu Ramesh, Head of Administration on what this EDIFY was going to be about. It was themed “Total Recall”.

    The data on research and collaborations was presented by                              Prof. M. S. Nivedhitha, Head of Academics. Till date, the department has published a total of 225 peer reviewed scholarly publications, of which the number of papers in Thomas Reuters Science Citation Index indexed journals in 41, PubMed indexed journals 86 and Scopus Indexed journals 64. The presentation also outlined that the total number of research presentations in conferences till date was 872 in 71 conferences of which 102 presenters have won awards. A total of 604 short term projects have been completed and 40 are in progress.

The department, housing 8 state-of-the-art Carl Zeiss microscopes, and the only dental college in South Asia to have this number of microscopes, has completed 5,56,599 procedures till date. The average OP strength reaches 700 on an average per day. The final year postgraduates work exclusively with a microscope and have completed 7550 microscopic endodontic

procedures. 27 research projects and 74 case reports have been documented using the operating microscopes.

    Undergraduate Endodontics is a strong hold of the department and boasts to be one of the very few (or probably the only) dental school that trains undergraduate students in Molar Endodontics. Since 2014, our undergraduate students have completed 8750 root canal treatments while postgraduates complete 1000 procedures when they complete their graduate training program.

    All the numbers were also enthusiastically and actively displayed using placards by the faculty of the department. All in all, this EDIFY was intended to be a insight into the departmental achievements since inception and to demonstrate the quantity and quality of work performed by the department.