Edify meeting called at 12.00pm with the Faculties of Dental College with presence of Dean Dr. N.D.Jayakumar and the Director of Academics Dr. Deepak Nallaswamy .

Dr.Sivakumar received the workaholic and the best surgical training awards. Dr. Nabeel received the punctuality award.

Dr. Muthusekhar, Head of the Department, OMFS addressed the gathering with introduction of oral and maxillofacial surgery department. He also mentioned about MOU already present and the recent ones. 

Dr.Mimansa spoke about need of innovation in teaching with TED talk by Bill Gates and the present modified lecture class followed in OMFS. She also mentioned about simulation video forpracticing and experiencing maxillofacial surgical procedures for the first year PGs.     

Dr.Pradeep Kumar spoke on inventions and patents done in our department. He also spoke about the camp organised andthose to be organised in future.

Dr.Madhulaxmi spoke on rare cases operated in our department and mentioned about starting of Craniomaxillofacial surgical and orthognathic surgical clinics. 

Dr. Kathiravan spoke on his teaching experience at Saveetha and the implementation of MILA in teaching Oral Surgery.  

We received overall appreciation for our work and presentation and a standing ovation for Dr. Mimansa exclusively.