This was the message from the Director of Academics when the faculties entered for the EDIFY meet which was held on 24.11.2016. The start of it was by the TEAM OF ANATOMISTS.

So what was new??

1. A social media segment was the start and in every upcoming Edify,some passionating video on this topic will be shared and discussed by Dr Deepak- the Director of Academics!! 

2. Innovative animated video classes which tries to render the concept of a topic easily to the students!!

Department of Anatomy took the stage with a kickstart by playing an inspiring video “TEACHERS MAKE A DIFFERENCE” .It was indeed inspiring. The video was not taken from any website. It was created , edited and given voice over by the faculties of Anatomy department!! 

It was quoted that, A is an Alphabet, A is for Anatomy and combining the two lines, it was said that ANATOMY is the Alphabet and Grammar of Medicine. Since they are predominantly teachers, they created a video on TEACHERS!

Mr. Yuvaraj Babu, Assistant Professor of Anatomy, took the stage and explained about the teaching methods followed in the department. 

Two amazing animated videos on MOVEMENTS OF THE EYEBALL and PAROTID GLAND with its relations were played which made the other faculties to be JAW DROPPED..

Mr. Yuvaraj also spoke about the department achievements and awards by faculties and students, like, 

 1. “University Topper in Anatomy” 

    Ms. Chanchal Kataria - 39th Annual Conference of Association of Anatomists, Tamil Nadu,     on 23rd & 24th September, 2016 at Sree Balaji Medical College & Hospital,             Chennai.Poster Presentations

    2. I-B.D.S., Studentsdisplayed 69 Posters from Anatomy in the       “UG STAR SUMMIT” at     Saveetha Dental College & Hospital, Chennai. 7 Students got “Best Poster Presentation     Award

3. Ph.D. Awardee - Dr.Saravana Kumar was awarded with Ph.D., on 04th August, 2016.

4. 39th Annual Conference of Association of Anatomists, Tamil Nadu, on 23rd & 24th     September, 2016 at Sree Balaji Medical College & Hospital, Chennai

    in which Dr Karpagam Krishnamoorthy had presented a paper titled ‘Reading Vs     writing - A training for long term memory! It was well appreciated by the chair     persons!

Mr Karthik spoke on the Exam results and Projects and Publications!

Anatomy had secured 99% pass percentage with 37 distinctions in the universityexam conducted on September 2016!!

The publications / projects were not only pertained to anatomy, but also on health, education, psychology, dentistry related topics. On Founders Day held on 18.11.2016, Department of Anatomy received second highest publications award with 64 scopus indexed and 1 Thomson Reuters Indexed publications !!

        Still 39 more projects are accepted by many journals and waiting to be published!

    He then lead the stage to Mrs.Thenmozhi HOD, Department of Anatomy to talk about the FUTURE PLANS ,

  which were

    1. 11th Basic Sciences Seminar to be held at Saveetha Dental College on January     21st 2017,

    2. CME on“The Body and The Mind – Its All about U” on Third week of December, 2016.

    3. To create “Time lapse” video for Anatomy diagrams

    4. Webinar on “Alveolar nerves and its clinical correlation” by Dr. Sumathi Latha, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, Touro University, NewYork. last week of Jan 2017

    5. Workshop in collaboration with the Dept. ofOral Surgery – “Spread of Odontogenic Infections in the Fascial spaces of Face & Neck”

The Team of Anatomy had two more videos as a surprise to the faculties on the CME on The body and the mind, and a summarised video for their department of Anatomy. They gave the real work of A TEAM! and immensely thanked the Videographers Sathya and Manoj without which they wouldn't have succeeded. Team Anatomy made their first impression AS THE BEST IMPRESSION!!

The workaholic award was given to Mr.Yuvaraj Babuand punctuality award was given to Dr Karpagam Krishnamoorthy!

They got a STANDING OVATION!!!!!!!👏👏👏


As their kickstart video.. They made a DIFFERENCE!!!!