Edify for department of Orthodontics was held on 27-10-2016 at the Mini auditorium. The theme of the day was past, present and future.

Dr. Arun presented the educational video which was dedicated to dyslexics.

Dr. Shyamala presented her teaching experience in the past both abroad and at Saveetha and highlighted the impact of the newer teaching methods in students here, and the enhanced deliberation modes on her teaching style. 

Dr. Jain presented the new YouTube profile created by the department that will show case wire bending techniques both for UG and PG. He also presented the journal of the department -The Journal of Orthodontic Rehabilitation.

 Dr. Aravind Kumar presented the present interactive, critical case evaluation methods adopted in PG curriculum.

Dr. Shantha focused on the short term goals for a definite, target time ,  obtained from SWOT analysis of the department. The strategies   proposed for execution of the same were illustrated. The future of the department will dwell on the state of the art technology to increase case exposure with emphasis on quality aesthetic and functional finishing