Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry’s EDIFY of October version surprised the crowd by redefining patient care to a whole new level.

Dr. EMG. Subramanian started the EDIFY with the concept of definition of Paediatric Dentistry and included that the department deals with children through adolescence unlike any other dental colleges. He proudly announced that the procedures done by their postgraduate students are more than any other dental colleges across the country (around 30,500 procedures per year). He stated that they are starting speciality clinic for cerebral palsy and Paediatric Theatre complex.

Dr. Geomani spoke about the number of procedures done under General Anaesthesia. The procedures done under General Anaesthesia are also higher than any other college’s Pedo department. 

Dr. Ganesh proposed the implementation of Pediatric Dental Trauma Centre that would aim at educating and preparing parents and physical education trainers of various schools in pediatric dental trauma management.

Dr. Shanmugaavel highlighted the department’s innovation like noiseless handpiece, Pediatric Tetra Syringes and cariometer app. He also stated that the conscious sedation unit is started being used.

Dr. Sujatha proposed a new teaching methodology that identifies the hidden talents in students and applying it in learning skill for example a student who is good in drawing can learn the techniques of a pulp therapy by drawing them.

Dr. Deepa emphasised in all the laurel achievements of the department. The department has made the Journal available online. It also has almost 109 citation indexed publications.

The daily magazine, Times of India has recognised Dr. Deepa’s research on “Lack of patents’ care on their children's teeth” and published her article on October 4th, 2016. She also highlighted about the awards won by the undergraduate and postgraduate students in various Forums held in the college and other colleges. The department did not fail to appreciate the noble work of their Record Clerks and Clinical Assistants and their achievements.

Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry etched the audience’s mind by giving away a memento to each one of the crowd.