Kick start of a "New Cycle" by Department of Anatomy




This was the message from the Director of Academics when the faculties entered for the EDIFY meet which was held on 24.11.2016. The start of it was by the TEAM OF ANATOMISTS.

So what was new??

1. A social media segment was the start and in every upcoming Edify,some passionating video on this topic will be shared and discussed by Dr Deepak- the Director of Academics!! 

2. Innovative animated video classes which tries to render the concept of a topic easily to the students!!

Department of Anatomy took the stage with a kickstart by playing an inspiring video “TEACHERS MAKE A DIFFERENCE” .It was indeed inspiring. The video was not taken from any website. It was created , edited and given voice over by the faculties of Anatomy department!! 

It was quoted that, A is an Alphabet, A is for Anatomy and combining the two lines, it was said that ANATOMY is the Alphabet and Grammar of Medicine. Since they are predominantly teachers, they created a video on TEACHERS!

Mr. Yuvaraj Babu, Assistant Professor of Anatomy, took the stage and explained about the teaching methods followed in the department. 

Two amazing animated videos on MOVEMENTS OF THE EYEBALL and PAROTID GLAND with its relations were played which made the other faculties to be JAW DROPPED..

Mr. Yuvaraj also spoke about the department achievements and awards by faculties and students, like, 

 1. “University Topper in Anatomy” 

    Ms. Chanchal Kataria - 39th Annual Conference of Association of Anatomists, Tamil Nadu,     on 23rd & 24th September, 2016 at Sree Balaji Medical College & Hospital,             Chennai.Poster Presentations

    2. I-B.D.S., Studentsdisplayed 69 Posters from Anatomy in the       “UG STAR SUMMIT” at     Saveetha Dental College & Hospital, Chennai. 7 Students got “Best Poster Presentation     Award

3. Ph.D. Awardee - Dr.Saravana Kumar was awarded with Ph.D., on 04th August, 2016.

4. 39th Annual Conference of Association of Anatomists, Tamil Nadu, on 23rd & 24th     September, 2016 at Sree Balaji Medical College & Hospital, Chennai

    in which Dr Karpagam Krishnamoorthy had presented a paper titled ‘Reading Vs     writing - A training for long term memory! It was well appreciated by the chair     persons!

Mr Karthik spoke on the Exam results and Projects and Publications!

Anatomy had secured 99% pass percentage with 37 distinctions in the universityexam conducted on September 2016!!

The publications / projects were not only pertained to anatomy, but also on health, education, psychology, dentistry related topics. On Founders Day held on 18.11.2016, Department of Anatomy received second highest publications award with 64 scopus indexed and 1 Thomson Reuters Indexed publications !!

        Still 39 more projects are accepted by many journals and waiting to be published!

    He then lead the stage to Mrs.Thenmozhi HOD, Department of Anatomy to talk about the FUTURE PLANS ,

  which were

    1. 11th Basic Sciences Seminar to be held at Saveetha Dental College on January     21st 2017,

    2. CME on“The Body and The Mind – Its All about U” on Third week of December, 2016.

    3. To create “Time lapse” video for Anatomy diagrams

    4. Webinar on “Alveolar nerves and its clinical correlation” by Dr. Sumathi Latha, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, Touro University, NewYork. last week of Jan 2017

    5. Workshop in collaboration with the Dept. ofOral Surgery – “Spread of Odontogenic Infections in the Fascial spaces of Face & Neck”

The Team of Anatomy had two more videos as a surprise to the faculties on the CME on The body and the mind, and a summarised video for their department of Anatomy. They gave the real work of A TEAM! and immensely thanked the Videographers Sathya and Manoj without which they wouldn't have succeeded. Team Anatomy made their first impression AS THE BEST IMPRESSION!!

The workaholic award was given to Mr.Yuvaraj Babuand punctuality award was given to Dr Karpagam Krishnamoorthy!

They got a STANDING OVATION!!!!!!!👏👏👏


As their kickstart video.. They made a DIFFERENCE!!!!


Past , Present and Future by Department of Orthodontic

Edify for department of Orthodontics was held on 27-10-2016 at the Mini auditorium. The theme of the day was past, present and future.

Dr. Arun presented the educational video which was dedicated to dyslexics.

Dr. Shyamala presented her teaching experience in the past both abroad and at Saveetha and highlighted the impact of the newer teaching methods in students here, and the enhanced deliberation modes on her teaching style. 

Dr. Jain presented the new YouTube profile created by the department that will show case wire bending techniques both for UG and PG. He also presented the journal of the department -The Journal of Orthodontic Rehabilitation.

 Dr. Aravind Kumar presented the present interactive, critical case evaluation methods adopted in PG curriculum.

Dr. Shantha focused on the short term goals for a definite, target time ,  obtained from SWOT analysis of the department. The strategies   proposed for execution of the same were illustrated. The future of the department will dwell on the state of the art technology to increase case exposure with emphasis on quality aesthetic and functional finishing

Pedo Dept of SDC redefines Patient Care

Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry’s EDIFY of October version surprised the crowd by redefining patient care to a whole new level.

Dr. EMG. Subramanian started the EDIFY with the concept of definition of Paediatric Dentistry and included that the department deals with children through adolescence unlike any other dental colleges. He proudly announced that the procedures done by their postgraduate students are more than any other dental colleges across the country (around 30,500 procedures per year). He stated that they are starting speciality clinic for cerebral palsy and Paediatric Theatre complex.

Dr. Geomani spoke about the number of procedures done under General Anaesthesia. The procedures done under General Anaesthesia are also higher than any other college’s Pedo department. 

Dr. Ganesh proposed the implementation of Pediatric Dental Trauma Centre that would aim at educating and preparing parents and physical education trainers of various schools in pediatric dental trauma management.

Dr. Shanmugaavel highlighted the department’s innovation like noiseless handpiece, Pediatric Tetra Syringes and cariometer app. He also stated that the conscious sedation unit is started being used.

Dr. Sujatha proposed a new teaching methodology that identifies the hidden talents in students and applying it in learning skill for example a student who is good in drawing can learn the techniques of a pulp therapy by drawing them.

Dr. Deepa emphasised in all the laurel achievements of the department. The department has made the Journal available online. It also has almost 109 citation indexed publications.

The daily magazine, Times of India has recognised Dr. Deepa’s research on “Lack of patents’ care on their children's teeth” and published her article on October 4th, 2016. She also highlighted about the awards won by the undergraduate and postgraduate students in various Forums held in the college and other colleges. The department did not fail to appreciate the noble work of their Record Clerks and Clinical Assistants and their achievements.

Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry etched the audience’s mind by giving away a memento to each one of the crowd.



A big bang by Prosthodontics department at the Edify meet

Department of Prosthodontics displayed an incredible performance on EDIFY 06.10.2016. The new innovations in educational curriculum and teaching methodology were highlighted. The department has also launched an exclusive app based  prosav and a website. They also highlighted the link and anchor technique in educational methods and played awesome videos

Department of Aesthetic Dentistry

Video presentation was done to highlight the importance of Aesthetic Dentistry which provided an incite of what us being done in the department. WE currently have one fellowship student being guided by the department. A CDE programme to be held on 29th August 2016 on Direct and Indirect restorations and video demonstrations on veneer preparation, by                   Dr. Prashanth Hatkar.

    Future goals are to recruit more students and adjust staff members. MOU to be signed with European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry.


EDIFY Meet 04.08.2016 Department of Conservative and Endodontics "TOTAL RECALL"

The weekly EDIFY meeting is designed towards an appraisal of the activities in each department and their future plans. For the EDIFY meet in August 2016, the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics pulled up a surprise by showing the achievements from the inception of the department (in 1996) till date.

    This process was done as a part of a pilot project to quantify the work that has been done in the department in terms of clinical work, research and collaborations. The data was collected based on the NAAC reports of postgraduate institutions in the state as well as a search of publication databases.

    While a lot of work is done, documentation of data is paramount importance, which was the objective of the department when planning for the EDIFY meet. The event started with an introductory talk by Prof. Sindhu Ramesh, Head of Administration on what this EDIFY was going to be about. It was themed “Total Recall”.

    The data on research and collaborations was presented by                              Prof. M. S. Nivedhitha, Head of Academics. Till date, the department has published a total of 225 peer reviewed scholarly publications, of which the number of papers in Thomas Reuters Science Citation Index indexed journals in 41, PubMed indexed journals 86 and Scopus Indexed journals 64. The presentation also outlined that the total number of research presentations in conferences till date was 872 in 71 conferences of which 102 presenters have won awards. A total of 604 short term projects have been completed and 40 are in progress.

The department, housing 8 state-of-the-art Carl Zeiss microscopes, and the only dental college in South Asia to have this number of microscopes, has completed 5,56,599 procedures till date. The average OP strength reaches 700 on an average per day. The final year postgraduates work exclusively with a microscope and have completed 7550 microscopic endodontic

procedures. 27 research projects and 74 case reports have been documented using the operating microscopes.

    Undergraduate Endodontics is a strong hold of the department and boasts to be one of the very few (or probably the only) dental school that trains undergraduate students in Molar Endodontics. Since 2014, our undergraduate students have completed 8750 root canal treatments while postgraduates complete 1000 procedures when they complete their graduate training program.

    All the numbers were also enthusiastically and actively displayed using placards by the faculty of the department. All in all, this EDIFY was intended to be a insight into the departmental achievements since inception and to demonstrate the quantity and quality of work performed by the department.


Oral Surgery Presents in Edify on 11 august

Edify meeting called at 12.00pm with the Faculties of Dental College with presence of Dean Dr. N.D.Jayakumar and the Director of Academics Dr. Deepak Nallaswamy .

Dr.Sivakumar received the workaholic and the best surgical training awards. Dr. Nabeel received the punctuality award.

Dr. Muthusekhar, Head of the Department, OMFS addressed the gathering with introduction of oral and maxillofacial surgery department. He also mentioned about MOU already present and the recent ones. 

Dr.Mimansa spoke about need of innovation in teaching with TED talk by Bill Gates and the present modified lecture class followed in OMFS. She also mentioned about simulation video forpracticing and experiencing maxillofacial surgical procedures for the first year PGs.     

Dr.Pradeep Kumar spoke on inventions and patents done in our department. He also spoke about the camp organised andthose to be organised in future.

Dr.Madhulaxmi spoke on rare cases operated in our department and mentioned about starting of Craniomaxillofacial surgical and orthognathic surgical clinics. 

Dr. Kathiravan spoke on his teaching experience at Saveetha and the implementation of MILA in teaching Oral Surgery.  

We received overall appreciation for our work and presentation and a standing ovation for Dr. Mimansa exclusively.


Biochemistry impresses with 400 publications !

    The department boasts of 76 distinctions in the 2015 university examination. There are many awards won by faculty and students. Worth mentioning is Professor Kameshrao Award for best poster was bagged by Dr. Vishnu Priya V, Associate Professor in the AZRA conference 2016.     

    Our student Vaishali won the gold medal in the Biochemistry prize exam conducted by Meenakshi Ammal Dental College, where the participants exceeded more than 80 from other dental colleges all over the country.  9 best poster awards by first  and final year undergraduate students and 2 best poster awards by post graduate students was bagged by our department in the STAR SUMMIT 2016. 

    In the International BDS students seminar on Basic Medical Sciences, 2 best paper and 2 best poster awards were won by our students in which there were representatives from all over the globe.  3 best poster awards were won by our students in IDA 2016.  350 scopus and 6 Thomson Reuters indexed publications adds feather on our cap. Future prospectives include research collaborations with external research organisations.