Research is the lifeline of ever evolving science which requires honing at every stage. Research ensures Research Mentoring, Monitoring, Establishment and Monitoring of centres of Excellence, Provision of incentives to promote quality research outcomes, Awards for recognising research excellence.  


Research Guidelines


Undergraduate Research curriculum is designed to Promote rigorous research and develop existing and emerging research strengths within a "high performance culture”so as to facilitate multidisciplinary research excellence.


Research Training 

We provide comprehensive Research training right from the first year of our under graduate program. During the first week they have a 2 week intensive program with 3 works shops namely in bio statistics, research methodology and evidence based dentistry. 

Furthermore we enrich our students research culture with inspirational "Greatest and the Latest" lectures series in each speciality. These inspiring sessions are conducted every week wherein a specialist expresses their research achievements and their life work and details  about the lab. This platform has paved way for many of our students to work in various interdisciplinary labs. 


Research Mandates 

Three research projects under the supervision of a qualified guide in every academic year which will be monitored from time to time to time through the logbook and log sheets respectively every 3 months by the Scientific Review Board.

Research Marks for the Formative Assessment is evaluated based on the Self Assessment Marks submitted by the students. 

Mentors ensure that students participate in at least one event each semester outside the campus and present their research outcomes.  The tremendous success of our research policy is reflected in the innumerable publications made by our undergrads and also the kind of response the CV of our students generate from professionals all over the world. 


Research Flexibility 

The Research curriculum is framed to provide opportunity to choose  interdisciplinary Research and also the Research mentor.

The students have an Exclusive Research week at the end of each module to pursue their research.

Students also have the privileges of transferring  the excess research credits from one subject to another. 

The budding scholars are encouraged to participate in National and International conferences/competitions.

The student is given the credit as First author in their publications.  






Apart from the goals of the UG research, PG curriculum is further honed to facilitate multidisciplinary research excellence aiming to build a sustainable research partnerships with government, industry and other universities,  providing  a suitable research infrastructure. 

Research Training

A structured examination protocol is adopted by the university for Research Methodology and bio statistics for the post graduates. 

Research training is a continuous process and students are enriched with continuous research based training activities. The compendium of activities included are

  • The Working paper series.
  • Regular Research seminars.
  • Consultation with the local business community to identify research opportunities.
  • Provision of funding support for research activities.
  • Cochrane Systematic Review Workshop.
  • Grant writing training.
  • Manuscript Writing Training.

 Research Mandates

Every postgraduate completes five Short term projects for every academic year in varied disciplines like Material Science, KAP Survey, Animal Studies, Patents, Instrumentation etc apart from the Main dissertation.

Library dissertation is evolved to a Systematic Review and Meta Analysis is done instead of a narrative literature review.

Research Progress is monitored by the members of the Scientific Review Board every 3 months. The progress of the postgraduate in the research work is documented and ascertained  with the PG Log Book.

Performance Indicators

Formative Assessment of every postgraduate student is evaluated by the following performance indicators.

Refereed Publications

Research work being published in internationally peer reviewed journals.  

Research Grants

The Research work of our college has been funded by grants from ICMR, DRDO.  

Research desk follows a protocol to send proposals for grants. 

Research Awards.

The best research projects are annually exhibited in the Post Graduate STAR summit, and the best among them are awarded "Best Research Award" after being duly evaluated by experts in that field. 


Clinical Trials

Considerable Number of research projects are steered towards Clinical Trials from third year Undergraduates to postgraduates. All the projects are registered under the Clinical Trial Registry - India (CTRI) 



UG Publications 

Undergraduate Research Projects are encouraged to be translated into Publications in PubMed and Scopus indexed journals. 

PG Publications 

Post graduate research is recognised by its publications in high quality peer reviewed Journals with  High Impact factor and patents.

Staff Publications 

Faculty are also encouraged to conduct research projects as Principal investigators and research mentors which are published in High Impact factor journals.

Incentives for publications 

Every Publication by both the faculty and students in Indexed Journals is awarded incentives according to Thompson Reuters Impact factors.

Internal funding is provided for the best 5 PG Research Projects.